HOME away from home

Guest room carpets are constantly exposed to a wide range of dirt and potential for stains, including coffee, cosmetics, hair products, lotion, blood and ink. 

During guest changeovers or scheduled cleaning times, these stains need to be identified and tackled immediately with the right cleaning action that will not only remove the stain, but also take care not to damage the fabrics. 

When hosting weddings, parties, conferences, meetings or training sessions, special cleaning considerations need to be taken into account to ensure a thorough clean-up of carpets that may be soiled with anything from alcohol and food, to candle wax and confetti.







A guest house requires the highest levels of cleanliness across the board, from front of house right through to bedrooms and other areas. Hygiene should be high on the priority list of any establishment which is to be someone’s home away from home.

Other Services

CarpetClean are experts at removing Dirt and Grime on Carpets, Stain Removal, Deodorising, Disinfecting, Sterilizing, Scotchgard treatments and Waterproofing.

We provide outstanding carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your Home, Commercial and Industrial spaces and offer services such as steaming Curtains,  Mattress, Bed Base & Headboard, Sofas, Settees, Couches & Ottomans, Dining room and Office & Boardroom Chairs.

Trust us for your carpet cleaning needs at Home, Business and Offices, Movie Cinemas, Government buildings, Schools, Retail Stores, Retirement Villages, Restaurants, Creches and Day Cares, Hair, Spa and Beauty Salons, Call Centre Environments, Supermarkets, Conference Room, Hotels and Guest Houses, Church, Mosques, Synagogues, Warehouses, Factories, Commercial Kitchens, Malls, Retail Stores, Gyms, Hospitals and Dr Surgeries.